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 If your partner or someone you know is cheating on you? CheaterBuster free alternative is a well-known tool that claims to help you find the truth. This website’s main job is to find possible cheaters by searching through different databases and social media sites.

Now, picture being able to choose from other services that provide similar functions but might have better features or charge less. This piece will talk about the best options for CheaterBuster that can help you feel better about your relationships and give you peace of mind. We can help you whether you’re looking for reliability or cost.

Read on to learn about the best Cheaterbuster free alternative and find the best one for your needs. Whether you’re worried about the price, how well it works, or the extra features, we’ll walk you through your options so you can make an informed choice.

What Is CheatBuster & What Does It Do?

What Is CheatBuster & What Does It Do

An online tool called CheatBuster can help people find cheats in their relationships. CheatBuster uses complex algorithms to search through records and social media sites for strange behavior. Its goal is to help people figure out if their partners are cheating on them.

This tool works by looking at different kinds of online behavior, like how often you talk to the same people or how often you send private messages. CheatBuster can also keep track of changes in relationship status or strange behavior on dating apps. Overall, CheatBuster works like a digital detective, helping users find signs of possible cheating.

Is CheaterBuster Free?

Is CheaterBuster Free

CheatBuster has a free version of its service, but it has some restrictions. Most of the time, the free version only lets you do simple things, like check fewer datasets or do restricted searches. Users may also be limited in the number of pages they can look through in a certain amount of time.

CheatBuster has plans that you can subscribe to if you want access to more tools. These plans usually come with more tools for in-depth research, access to more databases, and the ability to look for anything. The free version might be good for occasional use, but people who want to find cheating behavior might find the paid versions more useful.

Top 21 Cheat Buster Free Alternatives That You Can Try Today

Looking for alternatives to CheatBuster? Here are three options that offer similar services and features.


It is safe to use Trustify, a website that focuses on private research services. Trustify has a team of experienced agents who can help you find out if your partner is cheating on you. Users can ask for private studies that are geared to their needs, which protects their privacy.

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a website that helps people make sure that the people they meet online are who they say they are. Catfish can find private details about a person’s online life by doing backward searches with their usernames, email addresses, or phone numbers. This site is perfect for finding fake accounts or attempts to scam people.


Users of BeenVerified can see public records, social media accounts, and other information as part of a full background check service. With BeenVerified, users can look into people’s lives in great detail, including their relationship past and any possible red flags. This tool has a simple layout and accurate findings.


Intelius is a reliable company that does background checks and gives people access to many public records and pieces of data. Users can look into a person’s past in great detail with Intelius, including their relationship history and any possible signs of cheating.



This is an online search engine called Spokeo that collects and sorts public information. People can find useful information about other people by searching for them by name, email address, phone number, or social media username. People can get a full picture of someone’s online profile from Spokeo, which collects information from many different sources.


This app called ProfileSearcher is made to help people find hidden social media and dating sites. ProfileSearcher can find profiles that people may be trying to hide by doing reverse searches with email addresses or usernames. This site is great for people who are worried about what their partner is doing online.


eTruth is a website that specializes in finding out secret details about what people do online. People can use eTruth to do reverse searches to find dating profiles, social media profiles, and other online accounts. This tool is especially good for finding signs of cheating or lying.

Cheaters Apps

Cheaters Apps is a group of mobile apps that can help people catch cheating partners. These apps let you do things like track someone using GPS, read their text messages, and keep an eye on their social media accounts. Some trick apps may cost money or require a fee, but they give users useful tools for looking into possible cheating.


This is a mobile app called iFindCheaters that searches through dating apps and social media sites to find cheating partners. Users can put in information about their partner, and cheaters will look for accounts that fit those details. This app makes it easy to keep an eye on your partner’s online actions without them knowing.



People who use PeekYou can look for people on several social media sites and other websites. PeekYou may offer some basic features for free, but they also have paid packages that give you access to more databases and more search options.


CheckPeople is a service that lets people look at public records, crime records, and other records. Users who pay a monthly or yearly fee for a CheckPeople subscription can do as many searches as they want and see a lot of information.

That’s Them

That’s Them is a search engine that lets people find addresses, phone numbers, and people. Basic searches may be free, but for a fee, That’s Them gives paid accounts with more features and detailed search choices.


CheaterFind.Me is a special website that searches through dating sites and social media accounts to find people who might be cheating on their partners. Users can get access to more search tools and features by buying credits or signing up for a paid account.


PeopleLooker lets you do background checks that include looking at public records, getting contact information, and looking at crime records. Users can pick from different payment plans, and they can choose to join for a month or a year.


TruthFinder lets people look at public data, run background checks, and more. When you sign up for TruthFinder, you can do as many searches as you want and see a lot of information about people’s pasts and presents.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Users can find out who owns a phone number by doing a reverse search with a reverse phone lookup tool. There may be some free basic features, but paid packages give you better search tools and access to more information.



SwindlerBuster is a program that helps people spot and stay away from scams and other forms of fraud. Basic features may be free, but paid packages give you access to more tools and resources for finding scams.


Imageverse is a search engine for photos that lets people find information about specific pictures or people that are in them. Basic searches may be free, but paid packages give you access to more databases and more advanced search choices.

How AI Helps to Find Cheaters

How AI Helps to Find Cheaters

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key part of current methods for finding cheaters. Platforms can quickly and correctly look at huge amounts of data by using AI algorithms. These programs can find trends and oddities in how people act online that could mean they are cheating.

Social media sites, dating apps, and other online spaces can be searched for strange behavior by AI-powered algorithms. To find red flags, they can look at contact trends, how often people talk to each other, and changes in behavior. Artificial intelligence (AI) can also combine data from different sources to give a more complete picture.

SwipeBuster Free Alternative

Overview of SwipeBuster and Its Functionality

SwipeBuster is a service that helps people find out if their partners are using dating apps. It works by looking for specific profiles on sites like Tinder and giving you information about what they’re doing. SwipeBuster can help, but it’s not always useful and can only be used on certain systems.

Analysis of Effectiveness and Limitations

The success of SwipeBuster depends on how well its search engines work and how much data it can get from dating sites. It may not always give complete or up-to-date information, though, and the fact that it relies on data that is open to the public can be a problem. Also, using it might make people worry about privacy and consent issues.

Introduction to Free Alternatives in 2024

As of 2024, there are several free options to SwipeBuster that do similarly useful things without charging. These options use new ways to search and look at publicly available information to give you information about what people do on dating apps.

Comparison of Features and Capabilities

When you compare SwipeBuster to its free options, you can see that they have different features and functions. While SwipeBuster may have an easy-to-use design and some accuracy, there may be free options that give you the same results without the costs. It’s also possible that free options will cover more dating sites and update their records more often, which will make them more useful overall.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cheaterbuster Free Alternative


Cost-effectiveness: Some options to Cheaterbuster may require a membership for full access, but most of them offer free versions with limited features that are easier on the wallet.

Different Choices: Alternatives to Cheaterbuster give users several choices, so they can pick the tool that best suits their wants and tastes.

Access to Features: Some options may have features that Cheaterbuster’s free version doesn’t have, like the ability to do infinite searches, access to more databases, or more complete search results.

User-Friendly Interface: Many options to Cheaterbuster emphasize being easy to use, with simple designs that make it easy to move around the site and do searches.

Potential for Innovation: The competition between sites that are similar to Cheaterbuster could lead to new features and changes that help users.


Limited Features: Free Cheaterbuster options might have limited features, like not being able to find them as well or getting access to smaller databases or search results.

Quality Variability: Not all options to Cheaterbuster may provide the same level of accuracy or dependability in their search results, which can cause the information they give to be inconsistent.

Possible Inaccuracy: Because they use automatic algorithms and databases, Cheaterbuster rivals might give you wrong or out-of-date information sometimes.

Subscription Pressure: There are free-form options to Cheaterbuster, but users may feel like they have to pay fees to get access to special features or full functionality.

Overall, Cheaterbuster alternatives offer a range of features and choices at low prices, but users should carefully weigh their pros and cons before making a choice.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Swipebuster?

Swipebuster is a tool for finding someone’s Tinder profile by searching their name or location.

Is Swipe Buster free?

Swipe Buster is not free; it requires payment to access its services.

Do I have to pay for Cheaterbuster?

Cheaterbuster offers both free and paid versions, with additional features available through subscription.

Is The Cheater Buster accurate?

The accuracy of Cheaterbuster may vary based on factors like data availability and user input.

Does Cheaterbuster cost money?

Cheaterbuster offers both free and paid versions, with premium features requiring payment.

What is the free alternative to CheaterBuster?

A free alternative to Cheaterbuster is to use social media and online search engines to manually investigate.

Does Cheaterbuster AI work?

Cheaterbuster utilizes AI algorithms to analyze online behavior and detect potential cheating activity.


Users who are looking for replacements for Cheaterbuster Free Alternative have a lot of choices, and each has its pros and cons. The low cost and variety of features of these options are appealing, but users need to weigh them against possible privacy issues and limits. When users switch from Cheaterbuster to its substitutes, they can access a wide range of tools that are specifically designed for their wants and tastes.

If you choose a Cheaterbuster Free Alternative, it will depend on your own needs and goals. Some people may care most about how much something costs and how easy it is to get to, while others may care most about how accurate and reliable it is. By thinking about the pros and cons of each option, users can make choices that are in line with their goals and objectives, which will eventually give them more peace of mind and clarity in their relationships.

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