Unveiling the Galaxy S24 Series: A Revolutionary Era in Mobile Experiences

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has ushered in a new era with the launch of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and Galaxy S24, introducing a transformative era in mobile experiences through the incorporation of Galaxy AI. This groundbreaking move by the Galaxy S series redefines how mobile devices empower users.

AI-Enhanced Mobile Experiences

AI-Enhanced Mobile Experiences

Galaxy AI, at the core of the Galaxy S24 series, significantly enhances every aspect of the user experience. From facilitating barrier-free communication with intelligent text and call translations to unlocking creative freedom with the powerful Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine, AI sets a new standard for search functionalities, revolutionizing how Galaxy users explore the world. TM Roh, President and Head of the Mobile Experience Business at Samsung Electronics, expresses excitement about the global user community leveraging Galaxy AI for newfound possibilities.

Revolutionizing Communication

Galaxy AI brings meaningful intelligence to communication, making language barriers obsolete with Live Translate. This feature offers two-way, real-time voice and text translations of phone calls within the native app. The Interpreter further translates live conversations instantly, even without cellular data or Wi-Fi. Chat Assist ensures that messages and tones in other apps are perfect, contributing to seamless and intended communication.

Elevating Organization and Efficiency

Elevating Organization and Efficiency

Note Assist in Samsung Notes transforms organizations with AI-generated summaries, streamlined notes using pre-made formats, and easily recognizable notes featuring cover creation. For voice recordings, Transcript Assist utilizes AI and Speech-to-Text technology to transcribe, summarize, and translate recordings. The Galaxy S24 series takes communication and organization to unprecedented heights, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.

Innovative Search Functionality

Galaxy S24 introduces Circle to Search, a gesture-driven feature with Google, revolutionizing online search. Users can circle, highlight, scribble, or tap anything on the screen to receive high-quality search results, showcasing Samsung’s collaboration with Google to provide an incredible tool for digital exploration.

ProVisual Engine: Elevating Creativity

Pro Visual Engine Elevating Creativity

The ProVisual Engine in the Galaxy S24 Series offers a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools, elevating image-capturing capabilities and maximizing creative freedom. The Quad Tele System in the Galaxy S24 Ultra, featuring a new 5x optical zoom lens, ensures optical-quality performance at various magnification levels. Upgraded Nightography capabilities, larger pixel size, and enhanced stabilization contribute to clearer and more brilliant photos and videos.

Unparalleled Photography and Videography

Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Super HDR, innovative editing tools, and Generative Edit feature provide creative control and freedom. The Super HDR offers lifelike previews before capturing an image. AI-powered camera features seamlessly integrate with third-party social apps, enhancing social sharing. The Galaxy S24 series sets a new benchmark for creativity in mobile photography and videography.

Powerful Performance and Display

Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform for Galaxy, the Galaxy S24 series ensures outstanding AI processing efficiency. Gaming experiences are enhanced with optimal thermal control systems, larger vapor chambers, and collaborations with leading gaming partners. The device boasts the brightest Galaxy display ever, with Vision Booster and Corning Gorilla Armor, ensuring vibrant visuals, improved outdoor visibility, and superior durability.

Defining Mobile Excellence

Defining Mobile Excellence

In conclusion, the Galaxy S24 series stands as a testament to Samsung’s commitment to delivering the most intelligent and innovative mobile experiences. From AI-driven communication to transformative search capabilities and creative photography tools, the Galaxy S24 series opens up new horizons for users, setting a new standard for mobile excellence.

Advanced Security and Privacy: Empowering User Choice and Trust

Samsung Knox Protection

Galaxy S24 prioritizes user security through Samsung Knox, a defense-grade, multi-layer security platform. This robust system secures critical information, employing end-to-end secure hardware, real-time threat detection, and collaborative protection. Galaxy S24 stands resilient against vulnerabilities, ensuring user data remains protected.

User-Centric Control in the AI Era

Samsung’s commitment to user choice and control continues in the age of AI. Galaxy S24 users enjoy full control over their data’s contribution to AI experiences. Advanced Intelligence settings empower users to disable online data processing for AI features, providing transparency and control over data usage.

Passkeys for Enhanced Security

Advancing the Knox Matrix vision for a secure, connected, and password-less future, Galaxy S24 introduces passkeys. These digital credentials enable convenient and secure access to registered websites and apps across trusted devices, mitigating risks associated with phishing attacks. Passkeys contribute to a seamless and secure user experience.

Enhanced Data Protection

Galaxy S24 prioritizes data security with Enhanced Data Protection. When users backup, sync, or restore data with Samsung Cloud, end-to-end encryption ensures security and synchronization across devices. Even if a server is compromised or account details are stolen, the data can only be encrypted or decrypted on the user’s devices.

Additional Security Features

Galaxy S24 enhances security with a suite of innovative features, including Knox Vault, Security & Privacy Dashboard, Auto Blocker, Secure Wi-Fi, Private Share, Maintenance Mode, and more. These features collectively reinforce the device’s defenses against potential threats, safeguarding user privacy and maintaining a secure mobile environment.

The Next Phase of Samsung’s Environmental Journey

Sustainable Design and Packaging

As Galaxy S24 pioneers a new category of mobile experiences, it also redefines how technology is designed and packaged for environmental sustainability. The device incorporates recycled materials, including plastics, glass, and aluminum in internal and external components. Notably, Galaxy S24 features components made with recycled cobalt and rare earth elements for the first time.

Environmental-Friendly Color Tones

Galaxy S24 series introduces Earth mineral-inspired color tones, aligning with Samsung’s commitment to environmental responsibility. S24 Ultra boasts colors like Titanium Gray, Titanium Black, Titanium Violet, and Titanium Yellow. Galaxy S24 offers color options including Onyx Black, Marble Gray, Cobalt Violet, and Amber Yellow. These color choices reflect the device’s eco-friendly approach and commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

Product Specifications

Here are the full specifications of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Dimensions and Camera
Memory storage and Battery
Memory storage and Battery

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