How to remove Grey Background from ChatGPT Text in 2024

Are you tired of having to deal with the grey background that always goes with ChatGPT text? The reading and appearance of ChatGPT text can be greatly improved by remove the grey background text. This post will show you how to get rid of the grey background text while keeping the style of your text the same. 

Continue reading to learn easy but effective ways to make the content that ChatGPT creates look more professional and appealing to the eye. Say goodbye to the text that blends in with the grey background and hello to the text that pops out.

Ways to Retain Formatting but Remove the Grey Background

Ways to Retain Formatting but Remove the Grey Background
Ways to Retain Formatting but Remove the Grey Background

Using Google Docs is the best way to remove the grey background from the ChatGPT text while keeping the layout. Open Google Docs in your online browser to start. Next, copy and paste the text that ChatGPT made into a new file. Go to the “Format” page and choose “Clear formatting” to remove any formatting that is already there. This step makes sure that only the text content is left, without any styling that isn’t needed. Once the style is gone, you can copy the whole text. You can get ChatGPT text without the grey background by following these easy steps, and it will be ready to use in any app or website you choose.

Removing Grey Background Using Google Docs

Removing Grey Background Using Google Docs
Removing Grey Background Using Google Docs

Step 1: Open Google Docs

Start by opening your favorite web browser and going to to get to Google Docs.

Step 2: Paste the Text from ChatGPT

You can copy the text that ChatGPT makes and put it into a new Google Docs project.

Step 3: Remove Formatting

To remove any unnecessary styles or grey backgrounds, navigate to the “Format” menu at the top of the screen and choose “Clear formatting.”

Step 4: Copy the Text Without Grey Background

Click and drag your mouse over the text to select it all. Then, use the computer shortcuts Ctrl+C (Windows) or Cmd+C (Mac) to copy the text. The copied text is now free of the grey background and ready to be put wherever you want it.

Using Developer Tools to Remove Grey Background:

Step 1: Open Developer Tools

Most current web browsers come with Developer Tools, which are a set of tools for web writers to look over and fix bugs in web pages. In most cases, you can access Developer Tools by right-clicking on any part of the page and choosing “Inspect” from the context menu in the text. To open Developer Tools, you can also use computer keys like Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows) or Cmd+Option+I (Mac).

Step 2: Locate the Relevant HTML Element

Once Developer Tools is open, go to the part of the page where the text that ChatGPT created is shown. In Developer Tools, go to the “Elements” tab to look at the page’s HTML layout. Find the part of HTML that has the ChatGPT text inside it.

Step 3: Identify the CSS Class Responsible for the Grey Background

After finding the HTML element with the ChatGPT text, you must find the CSS class that corresponds to the ChatGPT grey background. Find the class responsible for styling the text, including the background color, by examining the CSS styles applied to the HTML element.

Step 4: Edit the CSS Class to Remove the Grey Background

You can change the settings of the CSS class to remove the grey background color once you’ve found it. You can easily change the CSS styles that go with an HTML element in Developer Tools. Depending on your choice, you can either remove the background color or set it to a number that makes it see-through.

Step 5: Copy the Modified Text

After editing the CSS class to remove the grey background, select the ChatGPT text within the Developer Tools panel. Right-click on the selected text and choose the “Copy” option from the context menu. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C (Windows) or Cmd+C (Mac) to copy the modified text.

Copy and Paste the Text

Copy and Paste the Text
Copy and Paste the Text

One of the easiest ways to remove the grey background is to copy and paste the ChatGPT text into the place you want it to go, such as a document or text editor. After pasting, you can remove any style or background color that you don’t want by hand.

Use Inspect Element to Edit the HTML

A useful tool for getting rid of the grey background on a site is Inspect Element, which lets you directly edit the HTML and CSS of that page. You can get the result you want by finding the HTML element that controls the background and changing how it looks.

Install a Browser Extension

Browser addons make it easy to change site content, like getting rid of background colors. Streamline the process of removing the grey background from ChatGPT text by installing an app designed specifically for this purpose.

You can pick the way that fits your tastes and level of technical skill from these options because they offer different levels of difficulty and customization. You can successfully remove the grey background from ChatGPT text to improve reading and presentation, whether you use a straightforward copy-and-paste method or more complex techniques.

Use a Userscript

Userscripts, small programs added to web browsers, automate tasks or alter webpage behavior. User tools are available for removing background colors, simplifying the process of fully removing the grey background from ChatGPT text.

Switch to ChatGPT Plus

The ability to remove background colors from written text is one of the many features and editing choices available in ChatGPT Plus. When you upgrade to ChatGPT Plus, you get access to more detailed settings that let you change how the written text looks, such as getting rid of the grey background.

Try Different Prompts

Try Different Prompts
Try Different Prompts

Experimenting with various questions can yield ChatGPT replies with different styles, such as those without a grey background. If you try out different hints and entry styles, you might find combos that let you make text without the background color you don’t want.

You can select the strategy that best suits your requirements and tastes by using one of these different ways to remove the grey background from ChatGPT text. You can successfully remove the grey background text and improve the reading of your created text when you choose a user script, update to ChatGPT Plus, or experiment with different prompts.

Method 2: Copy and Paste from ChatGPT One Response at a Time

Copying and pasting each ChatGPT answer may consume time, but it effectively prevents the transfer of the grey background. By copying and pasting one answer at a time, you can ensure that no unwanted style is applied to any part of the text.

Method 3: Request a Code Block from ChatGPT

You can also ask ChatGPT to give you the text in the form of a code block. If you give ChatGPT this request, it will create the text inside a code block, usually without any background colors or other styling.

These techniques offer various methods to eliminate the grey background from ChatGPT text, providing more handling options. Successfully remove the grey background text and attain clearer, more understandable content. Whether you prefer copying and pasting answers individually or requesting a code block from ChatGPT.

Related Answers Questions 

How do I get rid of the GREY highlight on ChatGPT?

You can use Developer Tools in your web browser or copy and paste the text into a text editor to get rid of the gray background on ChatGPT.

How do you copy and paste from ChatGPT without highlighting?

Copy words from ChatGPT and then put them where you want them, like into a text editor or document. Instead of marking, you could copy and paste without any style or use the “Clear Formatting” choice.

How to copy from ChatGPT to Word without a black background?

Copy the text from ChatGPT to Word and then put it into a new Word document. If there is a black background, you can get rid of it by hand by changing the Word style settings.

How do I remove GREY shading from copied text in Word?

If the text that you copied in Word shows gray shading, paste it as plain text or use the “Clear Formatting” option to get rid of any styling that you don’t want.

How do I convert ChatGPT to Word?

Copy the text from ChatGPT, paste it into a Word document, make any necessary style changes, and save the document as.docx.


Removing the grey background text from ChatGPT text offers a variety of approaches, each with advantages and disadvantages. People can choose the way that works best for them, whether it’s simple copying and pasting or more complicated browser add-ons or user scripts. ChatGPT Plus has more editing choices, such as the ability to remove the background color without any visible lines. Users improve the reading and sharing of their material by trying out different methods.

To find the best way to remove the grey background from ChatGPT text, experiment and adapt. Try different options, settings, and methods. The goal is clear: clean, professional-looking text without distracting background colors. Users have several choices to safely remove the grey background, ensuring clean, professional content.

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